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Distinctively Memorable. Absolutely Gorgeous.

completely you!


DESIGN love's custom stationery reflects the charm and personality of you as A couple, through a personalised and collaborative design experience. It's the first step to the many intricate details that together, make your wedding day uniquely yours.


How? WE listen, To YOUR storY about how you met, About the small detail THAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU and YOUR SPECIAL DAY. About how you’re alike and how you’re different. WE want to hear AND KNOW all about you!

WE WILL BE THERE FROM THE save-the-dates to THE thoughtfully designed stationery suites, THAT YOU WILL select from the finest materials, embellishments, colours and printing methods to ensure your wedding day is a one-of-a-kind, timeless reflection of your story.

Exceeding your WEDDING DAY vision and putting your wedding planning at ease.


Let US unveil your special day to family and friends together!

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